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Meet the Harbingers: Monem Ansari

Monem Ansari is a Learning and Change Management consultant with Harbinger SCR. Monem interacts directly with clients, primarily working on curriculum design, development, and delivery.

What is your favourite part about being a consultant? What do you find most fulfilling?

The vanilla answer would be the opportunity to travel. Honestly though, it’s that my responsibilities and project scope shift frequently, probably every quarter. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to learn from great people, both at Harbinger and at the client.

What got you into change management and learning? What aspects of change management/learning do you find most fascinating?

When I interviewed with Krista and Greg, I felt a definite alignment of values. In a corporate environment where – and perhaps that’s due to negative stereotypes about business or corporate culture – you might not expect to be caring about people as much, change management is people-centric. That resonates with me. Working to ensure that people’s needs are met and being able to help, that’s exciting.

Did you work at a bigger organization prior to working with Harbinger? How does working with a smaller consulting firm like Harbinger differ?

I worked at a couple of large companies before Harbinger. The rules are rigid, which was probably somewhat due to the role I was in. I felt on my own when faced with a problem. No one to turn to for help. Had to be a communication gap on both sides. Smaller organizations tend to be flatter and Harbinger is no exception; easy access to quality resources and advice.

Is there anything that surprised you about what it’s like to be a consultant?

Initially, I thought the corporate world would not be very human. Stale, stagnant. In fact, “big-surprise-non-surprise,” everyone is human. People are people.

What would you say are the main values you hope to bring to your consulting approach?

Care and patience. It’s going to be okay.


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