Counsel and Planning

Leveraging a robust set of Communications tools and techniques is key to delivering change.  It enables you to keep your people informed, engaged, and participatory throughout a change initiative.

Planning, crafting and delivering the right messages using the right medium, from the right people.

Harbinger will work with you to develop and execute a communications plan to support your change activities.  Delivering compelling messages and timely updates from important stakeholders throughout the project will support employee engagement and increase understanding, buy-in, and ultimately adoption of the change. Having visible leadership delivering transparent communications builds confidence and trust with your people.

Live Engagement

  • Live Webinars 

  • In-Person Townhalls

  • Virtual Townhalls

  • Focus Groups

  • Live Roadshows

Broadcast Communications

  • Recorded on-demand Leader interview videos

  • “Explainer” Animated Videos

  • Webcasts / Podcasts

  • Leader Blogs and other internal social media interaction

  • Physical Posters and other graphic intensive media

  • Intranet Communications and “Advertising”

  • Newsletters

  • Tactical emails


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