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Communications Counsel & Planning

Leveraging a robust set of Communications tools and techniques is key to delivering change.  It enables you to keep your people informed, engaged, and participatory throughout a change initiative.

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We work with your senior leaders to develop communications strategies, tactics and actionable plans so that they can effectively lead their people through change. 

Case Study

Planning, crafting and delivering the right messages using the right medium, from the right people.

​Harbinger will work with you to develop and execute a communications plan to support your change activities.  Delivering compelling messages and timely updates from important stakeholders throughout the project will support employee engagement and increase understanding, buy-in, and ultimately adoption of the change. Having visible leadership delivering transparent communications builds confidence and trust with your people.

Live Engagement

  • Live Webinars 

  • In-Person Townhalls

  • Virtual Townhalls

  • Focus Groups

  • Live Roadshows

Broadcast Communications

  • Recorded on-demand Leader interview videos

  • “Explainer” Animated Videos

  • Webcasts / Podcasts

  • Leader Blogs and other internal social media interaction

  • Physical Posters and other graphic intensive media

  • Intranet Communications and “Advertising”

  • Newsletters

  • Tactical emails

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Transforming the Workplace; Remote working, shifting to an agile and flexible work culture.

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