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The success of every business transformation requires deliberate and appropriate change management.

Business transformations must be driven by individuals and supported through a change resilient and adaptable culture. Decisions must be made swiftly, clear governance must be in place, and employees must be engaged and motivated to be change enablers. 


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Change Management

Ensure user adoption with change management and training to realize all your benefits.​

Remote Workplace Transformation

Transform your business into one where your people are efficient and effective working from anywhere. Help your leaders build a culture where your people are engaged and adapted to new ways of working, while also making the best use of your tools and technology. 

Change Management Office (CMO) Implementation

Driving and embedding successful change management initiatives is crucial for the longevity of every business.

Harbinger can help you to build internal capabilities and resources with a change management office that will be responsible for governance, planning and implementing change.  The CMO delivers this with tailored programs, training and coaching. 

Managed Services

Lean on Harbinger to quickly embed change management and end-user training capabilities in your organization. 

Change Management
Project Health Check

Leverage Harbinger's capabilities and assessment to determine whether your project or program is on track for user adoption and realization of benefits.  ​

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