Our Partners

We work with a diverse range of partners who like us, are passionate about change enablement and training.


Our partners are an incremental part of the Harbinger journey and we are proud to have collaborated with them on a variety of projects and engagements.



Alavetta is a coaching and facilitation consulting agency that focuses on the development of leadership skills, innovative thinking and self-awareness for entrepreneurs, executives and emerging leaders who are ready to challenge themselves and their teams.


The Change Leadership

The Change Leadership accelerates the preparation of leaders, change agents, and organizations to respond dynamically to the rapid pace of Change and Innovation taking place around us.


Stratus 360 

Stratus360 is a Salesforce Platinum Partner with over a decade of experience providing strategic and transformational engagements for businesses across North America.


Philip Consulting 

Philip Consulting is an Organization Development (OD) practice that facilitates transformation by engaging with all levels of the organization.