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Training and Learning

The right training experience sets your employees up for success. 

Whether you require in-house training delivery by leveraging your own team of trainers and experts, or need training to be outsourced, we can help. 

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We provide a robust and extensive approach to training and learning services from strategic planning to full development and delivery.

Learning Strategy

We supplement the talent required to achieve project success with high quality and creative adult learning solutions. 


We work with you to develop the best approach for your learner aptitudes, budgets, and timelines.


Instructional Design

Instructional design is systematically designing and developing consistent and easy-to-follow instructional learning products. The goal of instructional design is to produce practical and systematic training content. 


Our instructional designers are a team of highly qualified professionals who are experienced with a variety of systems, as well as, delivery protocols and methods.


A small training budget shouldn't stop you from leveraging your subject matter experts. Why not tap into their knowledge and foster their ability to deliver and facilitate the learning for your people?


We can teach your team how to be trainers, how to manage a classroom, and how to support users through their learning journeys.

Training Delivery

Our professional trainers are highly skilled at delivering training using a variety of platforms including classroom and virtual learning.


Engaging training delivery brings your thoughtfully planned, designed and developed content to life. It involves discussions, exercises and activities that will guide your people through their learning journey, ensuring that they return to their jobs with the new skills and knowledge they require.


Learning is achieved by focusing on the learners. Skilled instructors who can shift and pivot as the class progresses, assure that your learners leave their training sessions with confidence and understanding.

Case Study
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MS Dynamics

How the Support of Structured Change and Learning Guided Direct Energy through its Multi-Phased Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Field Service Automation.

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