Our Services

We operate as members of your team to develop the resources and skills you need to successfully lead change within your business.

Harbinger’s wealth of knowledge covers the people side of change for your IT and business transformations.

Our unique tools and proven methodologies enable the right strategy, awareness, tactics and communications so that your organization is equipped to navigate change. 


Change Management:

People & Business Change

Everyone likes change. No-one likes to change.

Whether you’re implementing a minor process change or undertaking a major business transformation, your people will need support to adapt and thrive in a changing environment.

The goal of managing change is enablement. People have changed and the most important driver to build awareness and desire for change is to build a change community.


Change Management should be proactively addressing, monitoring, and adapting to change at the various stages. This is accomplished by applying a structured approach that is planned both from the viewpoint of the organization as well as the individuals.

  • Are your people ready for change?

  • Is your organization equipped to support employees when they are asked to adapt to a new way of working?

  • Are your leaders prepared to support and lead change, while experiencing it themselves?


The Change Capability Assessment is a snapshot of the current landscape of your organizations' ability and desire to navigate, accept and thrive through change.


Consideration of past changes, employee's beliefs on how they will be supported through a change, the effectiveness of past communications and change fatigue, provide a baseline of where your organization and people currently are. It identifies a point of reference to measure progress against as you move through the change.

Training and Learning

The right training experience sets your employees up for success. 

Whether you require in-house training delivery by leveraging your own team of trainers and experts, or need training to be outsourced, we can help. 

We provide a robust and extensive approach to training and learning services from strategic planning to full development and delivery. We consider your unique needs and budget to help you plan the best approach for your team and project.

We offer a broad range of training and learning services including:

We supplement the talent required to achieve project success with high quality and creative adult learning solutions. 


We work with you to develop the best approach for your learner aptitudes, budgets, and timelines.


In today's workplace, training and learning experiences are offered through a blended learning approach. Blended learning is about offering training that is accessible anywhere and anytime. 

E-learning and digital training modules can be created as user-generated content (UGC), storytelling videos, micro-learning or robust and interactive simulations. 

We will determine the right platforms that suit your budget and technology demands. Our instructional designers create content that is engaging and fun, without sacrificing information and readability. 


Counsel and Planning

Understanding the importance of keeping your people informed and engaged is a key success factor for any change.


Having the ability to craft and deliver compelling messages and timely updates from important stakeholders throughout the project will support employee engagement and increase understanding of the initiative. Having visible leadership delivering transparent communications builds confidence and trust with your people.


We work with your senior leaders to provide communications counsel and advice so that they can effectively lead their people through change. We partner with our clients to develop and execute unique change communications plans that ensure your people are motivated and ready for change.

People & Culture Solutions

Developing and shifting culture is tough, the key ingredient is people. Employees must feel empowered to do their jobs, provided with opportunities for growth and development, and believe in the company’s vision and leadership. While the core of your culture is driven by your people, other influencers such as your values, mission and beliefs also shape the culture. 

We help you strengthen or shift your culture through strategic analysis and planning, as well as, people change support. We work with you to develop the best leadership development and coaching programs to build employee engagement initiatives that are scalable and sustainable. 

Management Consulting

Do you have a team of amazing people who need guidance on how to solve management or business problems, enhance learning or implement change?

Our management consulting services will assist you and your organization to achieve its purpose and business benefits. We provide objective advice that helps you plan and solve existing problems, manage change and upskill your people through learning. 

Our team of seasoned change consultants work with you to re-orient the way the organization operates from the people and business perspective.

Project Health Check

When project teams form, they take time to develop and align. 

When they have been together for a long time, they may also develop blind spots in their interactions and processes. 

An independent, unbiased and formal health check audit will assess the team dynamics, productivity and processes to provide recommendations on how to maximize performance and efficiency.