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Managed Services

Are you encountering obstacles to obtain or maintain the right change management skills and resource capacity for your change initiatives?   

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While one of Harbinger’s core values is to work with customers to ensure they develop capabilities during our engagements to sustain their change, we understand that businesses must run leaner, and may not always have the luxury of dedicated, full-time resources to manage change on initiatives.  

We understand that finding the right resources with consistent quality and approach can be challenging.  That’s why we’re offering the ability to leverage the full extent of our capabilities in a cost-efficient manner.

We’ll work with you to model the right set of capabilities and capacity for your needs and budget.


Harbinger can provide you with resource capacity to augment your team, as well as on-demand :

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JD Edwards

How a structured Change Management and Learning approach supported Menkes Developments Ltd.’s successful JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation.

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