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Supporting Organizations Through Change

Like the Robin is a Harbinger of spring, we are Harbingers of Change.

Harbinger is a Canadian-owned change management and learning consulting firm that partners with companies to help foresee, plan and manage upcoming change to prepare them for a sustainable tomorrow, today.  


The business landscape is constantly changing, disruptive technologies, cloud innovations and big data are becoming the norm. Leaders are being asked to deliver more value, insights and rapid decision-making, using an increasingly complex array of tools. 

Organizations are seeking value from IT investments, outsourcing, and innovations in their business models to respond to these new changes. A new system or optimized process can deliver value only to the extent that the people involved are engaged, enabled, and empowered. 

Harbinger was founded to provide businesses with top-tier, reliable, and flexible consulting throughout their Change journeys. By leveraging our diverse tier-1 consulting experience, we share our deep insights into a wide variety of people-change heavy initiatives.

We also foster a true partnership approach and attitude with our clients, Harbinger assembles and mentors great talent that will champion change into the future.    


We get to the heart of your people-related problems by operating as members of your team. We customize our services and solutions to your specific needs to achieve the most direct and valuable results.


Our Values


Business Value Delivered​

We're crazy about doing our best. 

Our goal is to support and guide the rate of progress to maximize potential and exceed expected business value.


Serious About Change
Management & Learning​

We are passionate Change Management and Learning professionals who care about the success of our clients the way we care about our own success.


If Your People Thrive,
Your Organization Thrives​

We are advocates for your change and believe your organization will thrive if your people do.


We Get Stuff Done​

We only recommend what is necessary and always put in the effort to get work done.

Our Mission

To provide honest, constructive advice. Constantly query and question assumptions.

Think deeply, absorb and synthesize data to provide ideas and recommendations for strategies that steer the course with as little turbulence as possible.

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