Blended learning is about offering training that is accessible anywhere and anytime. 

E-learning and digital training modules can be created as user-generated content (UGC), storytelling videos, micro-learning or robust and interactive simulations. 

We will determine the right platforms that suit your budget and technology demands.
Our instructional designers create content that is engaging and fun, without sacrificing information and readability. 

Explainer Videos

Introduction to Unify

Click the link to watch the video.

Client: Direct Energy 

What was done?

The purpose of this video animation was to show the goal of Project Unify. It demonstrates an analogy that the client can relate to so that users can fully understand why the organization is making changes.

What were the benefits?

The great thing about this video animation is that gives the users a simplified version of what they are going through. We believe that this step is crucial to a successful project, and as a change management firm, we understand that the learning process of the users is the most important. This helps the users understand why there is a change and encourages their engagement throughout the process.

e-Learning Videos

Customer Claim Review

Click the link to watch the video.

Client: Direct Energy 

What was done?

Last-minute changes were implemented before go-live, resulting in dramatic changes to the user interface.  Given the limited timing to provide training for 110 distributed users, a new approach was required.  Harbinger leveraged recording and authoring tools available on-hand (in this case Webex Recording) and built 22 micro-learning modules in standard MP4 format, demonstrating the viability of rapid e-learning development in practical application.

What were the benefits?

By taking a nimble and practical approach, taking into account an understanding the logistical constraints, abilities of the Sales Account Executives, and practical realities of last-minute system changes, Harbinger was able to design, implement, and roll out a solution in less than a week, avoiding any delays to going live.  This solution allowed easy availability to the distributed learners, and on-demand consumption, suitable for the Sales Account Executives’ context.

e-Learning Courses & Simulations

How to use the new DEPP Portal

Click the link to take the course.

Client: Direct Energy 

What was done?

This E-Learning course is a simulation that walks external partners of Direct Energy through the new portal they will use to complete sales and servicing. The user must interact with the course to proceed to the next step allowing them to familiarize themselves with the new look and feel, as well as, the updated processes and steps required to use the portal.

What were the benefits?

This was made available to external partners online, allowing them the flexibility on how (mobile, iPad or desktop) and when to complete the course. Similar to the example above, by requiring the user to click to proceed, their ability to retain and perform the tasks increases significantly. This course was also provided to them prior to the launch of the new portal. Doing so helped to reduce the number of inquiries at launch, and provided them with time to ask questions and share any comments and concerns with Direct Energy before the go-live date.


RSA Insurance Group

RSA is a leading Canadian general insurer, distributing the broadest range of Home, Auto, Business, Marine and Travel Insurance products.

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