• Rachelle Su

Meet the Harbingers: Barnaby Chan, Cofounder and Partner

Rachelle Su, Marketing & Business Analyst, recently sat down with Barnaby Chan, Co-Founder and Partner to learn more about his work experience, expertise and interests. In this role, Barnaby is part of the senior leadership team and is leading Harbinger’s business development and sales strategy.

Harbinger just celebrated its five-year anniversary. Tell us about what inspired starting the company?

I think it was a natural evolution for Greg and Krista given their deep expertise in Change Management and Learning. They’d long since outgrown what the Big 5 consulting firms could offer especially from a personal and professional satisfaction standpoint. We all recognized there was a large underserved, and frankly, poorly served market. From my own perspective, I’d developed a deep appreciation based on the challenges I’ve seen on countless projects entirely related to the “people side” of digital transformation projects.

What are some of your biggest learnings from this journey so far?

Explaining what Change Management is and why you need it is harder than we thought! Joking aside, I think that even over the past few years we see organizations are expecting their peopl