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Change Management:
People & Business Change

Everyone likes change. No-one likes to change.

Whether you’re implementing a minor process change or undertaking a major business transformation, your people will need support to adapt and thrive in a changing environment.

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The goal of managing change is enablement.

People have changed and the most important driver to build awareness and desire for change is to build a change community.

Change Management should be proactively addressing, monitoring, and adapting to change at the various stages. This is accomplished by applying a structured approach that is planned both from the viewpoint of the organization as well as the individuals.


Change Capability Assessment

  • Are your people ready for change?
  • Is your organization equipped to support employees when they are asked to adapt to a new way of working?
  • Are your leaders prepared to support and lead change, while experiencing it themselves?


The Change Capability Assessment is a snapshot of the current landscape of your organizations' ability and desire to navigate, accept and thrive through change.


Consideration of past changes, employee's beliefs on how they will be supported through a change, the effectiveness of past communications and change fatigue, provide a baseline of where your organization and people currently are. It identifies a point of reference to measure progress against as you move through the change.

Awareness Campaign

We will work with you to develop and implement the targeted awareness campaigns that are appropriate for your stakeholder groups.


To build desire and influence for change, your people must be aware. 


Awareness of a change must express the 'what' and 'why'. This ensures that the desire required to navigate the stages of change and new behaviours are successfully developed. 

Training and Learning

You know you should plan and communicate your change, but how will your people know how to do their jobs the new way?


We help you plan for and create the appropriate training and learning materials that provide your people with the tools, knowledge and support they need to thrive in the new environment.

Change Reinforcement

Reinforcing new behaviours is the only way to assure your people are adopting and committed to the new way of working.


If you want to realize the business benefits of your change, investment in reinforcement needs to be part of the overall timeline and strategy.


We are reinforcement experts –we help you get the most out of your investment by supporting you and your employees with the necessary follow-up, learning and course-corrections, to embed the new skills and behaviours.

Case Study
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MS Dynamics

How the Support of Structured Change and Learning Guided Direct Energy through its Multi-Phased Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Field Service Automation.

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