• Krista Schaber-Chan

Meet the Harbingers – Friends Edition: John Gorbach

John Gorbach is a Senior Manager at Direct Energy who over the years has developed a track record for business growth, leadership and the ability to drive productivity and success through teamwork. He has been an integral part of Direct Energy’s Microsoft Dynamics AX Project Unify implementation. His official title for the project is “Functional Lead / Manager of Functional Design” – which translates to, being the conduit between the business stakeholders, the project team, and the solution developers. John’s responsibilities are to make sure that the solution works for the end users, but at the same time balances out configuration vs. customization. He has been in this role for just over four years and to quote him “it’s an awesome role, I’m NEVER bored, and have had the opportunity to work with a ton of people (all over the world) over the life of the project.”

What aspects of an ERP implementation do you find most fascinating or would consider your specialty?

If you asked me 4 years ago if I would be into software, “No” would have been my answer. However, this project has really opened my eyes to how important the marriage is between software and business processes. ERP Transformation projects like I’m on are truly 80% people and 20% product. I think one of my strong suits is being able to quickly establish trust (which is paramount) with stakeholders, understand how & why their business works, and then constructively challenge them on processes that have been accepted as core overtime – but really exist due to legacy system limitations. Being able to bridge the gap between how the ERP application was designed to be able to be configured to be flexible to various business/industries and leading without authority to help the business evolve/adapt is fundamental.