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Meet the Harbingers: Colin Carmona-Murphy

Colin Carmona-Murphy is a financial analyst and associate consultant with Harbinger SCR. Colin works both internally, dealing with the financial aspects of Harbinger, as well as externally, on the consultant side, as a learning and change management consultant.

What is your favourite part about being a consultant?

I like the constant change that’s always going on. Every day is different. There’s always new situations and problems that pop up. I also like the small tight-knit vibe of Harbinger.

What do you find most fulfilling?

Just solving problems, really. Especially when supporting end-users adapt to and adopt the new system or processes.

What got you into financial analysis? What aspects of financial analysis do you find most fascinating?

I like numbers, that’s what I went to school for; I studied Organizational Management with a focus on finance. I like how I can derive an answer from numbers and provide meaning to them.

What aspects of instructional design and training delivery do you find most fascinating?

Training is interesting work; honestly, it wasn’t something I could have seen myself doing several years ago. I didn’t even know that training and OCM as a field really existed. It is fascinating when clients who are unfamiliar with the software can figure out the problem with my help. It is interesting, in fact, how much work goes on in the background in terms of knowing the processes and what is going on within the system. Being able to compress all that information so that it becomes digestible for the end-user takes a lot of work.

Did you work at a bigger organization prior to working with Harbinger? How does working with a smaller consulting firm like Harbinger differ?

I did work for a bigger company before. Working with Harbinger is just a lot better because you have access to everyone compared to the major hierarchies at big companies that prevent direct communication.


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