• Krista Schaber-Chan

A Chat with Learning Expert Lorena Klingel Pt. 2: Current Trends in Adult Learning

Lorena Klingel is a learning expert who has been working in corporate learning for over 20 years. Lorena recently founded a digital training solutions organization, Learn to Flourish. For more information, visit www.learntoflourish.com. This article is the second installment in a two-part series discussing learning with Lorena.

How would you say adults learn differently from other groups of people, such as youth?

Typically, adult learning can be more voluntary which allows the adult learner to feel like they’re in control of their learning. Adults’ brains are full of information, their own stories, their own experiences. So, it’s essential that a learning experience allows them to connect the dots in their brain between what they already know and what they’re trying to learn. Adults prefer to understand why they are learning something and what the benefits are to them. They also learn best when they can feel an emotional connection to the content. And, finally, adults are usually very busy and distracted so they appreciate flexibility in a learning approach.