• Siriphone Maldonado

How Does a Communications Team Thrive with Organizational Change in Mind?

By using it to clearly articulate the 5W’s and get buy-in to achieve success.

The pandemic has highlighted the need for effective communications, especially this month where parents are debating whether to return their kids to school. Like all other parents out there, I am struggling with making the right choice. As a communications professional, I have been fascinated by the pace of change to the back to school plan, specifically the communications and the invaluable role it plays for parents during these unprecedented times.

Communications has always been a critical piece of managing change and is often mistaken for change management. While the two go hand in hand, communications alone cannot manage change but are needed to build awareness, get buy-in and ultimately achieve success.

Back to school is not only impacting the school boards but businesses too. The past five months have been challenging for parents and children and will continue to be for a lot longer. At first, many of us felt things would get back to normal sooner than later. But suddenly weeks and months are passing by with no end in sight, leaving many parents struggling on what to do in September. Do we send them to school? Do we keep them at home? Does one of us stop working to take care of our children and home school? What can parents do to put pressure on the government to ensure our schools are safe?

Businesses are in the same position and are asking themselves what they can do to prepare and support their employees during this time. Some of the questions they are likely asking are, have we done enough to support parents that are keeping their children home? Do we have the right protocols in place if parents are sending their children back? Are we enhancing or updating our policies on sick days? How are we supporting those leaving the workforce and what are we going to do to fill this gap? Are we providing enough resources to get our people through this trying period?

As you will see in my video, a lot of the work for communications professionals and teams has always been about managing change and back to school is no different. To achieve a positive outcome for back to school,