• Siriphone Maldonado

Harbinger MythBusters – A communications plan is simple enough

We all know how important communications is especially during change. In fact, most of the change management methods recognize the importance of communications and includes it as part of the process. While this is good news, there’s certainly a misconception that communication is just a check box and developing a plan is enough.

The truth? Developing a communications plan to align with the overall change management plan is critical, but effective communications takes much more than this. Every communications practitioner will have their own approach but here’s a breakdown of the process I follow when I begin supporting a new change project.

Step 1: Learn about the company including its’ culture, history and business strategy

Now that I am on the consulting side, I find it more important than ever to take the time to really get to know the company I am supporting. Getting to know the details about its’ culture helps me to understand what they care about, how they work together and how they have dealt with change in the past. This is all great insight and helps me to think about the communications approach and tone I want to take. For example, I have been able to pick up on how