• Krista Schaber-Chan

Enabling Your People to Lead Change

We’ve said it before, Change Management is Dead – Long Live Change Enablement and we mean it.  Change Management has had it’s time, but we must acknowledge the shift in responsibility when it comes to business transformations.   Today more than ever, it’s important for employees at all levels to be empowered to contribute and continuously develop.  In fact, we’re constantly hearing stories of individuals making significant impacts and driving change who aren’t in leadership positions. A great example of this is the plastic water bottle ban at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). It’s rumoured that an employee was responsible for driving this change, which will not only divert more than 10,000 plastic water bottles daily, or nearly 4 million each year, but will also limit people travelling through SFO from digesting microscopic pieces of plastic – yuck!  The impact of this change is astronomical and would not have been possible if SFO didn’t have a culture where their people were enabled to lead change.