• Greg Roth

Change Management through Change Enablement

After one month into 2021, I hope you're still sticking to your New Years' resolutions. I'm sure at some point, many of us have asked ourselves, "why is this so hard every year?" Well, change can be challenging, especially when there is a lack of motivation to drive it.

People often identify the start of a new year as the perfect time to make a change in their lives. The calendar year represents our time as a cycle. Every January is like a restart, where you can get back on track to completing any goals that may have been lost during the year or start new ones. January 1st may just be another day from the universe's perspective, but it signifies so much more to us. We rely on the New Year to bring change in our lives, but why is it so difficult to stick to our resolutions, and why can't we have that same focus on any given day? Well, it's possible that we're not well-equipped for change, and there's no shame in that; most people aren't.

I'll come back to this analogy later, but first, let's look at dealing with change from a real-world business perspective.

What Kind of Organizational Projects Require Change Management?