• Krista Schaber-Chan

Change is Scary, Change Enablement Isn’t

Hallowe’en is upon us. It is a time of year to celebrate all scary things: monsters, goblins, ghouls. But for some of us in the change management, communications, and learning field we see and experience the scariest of things on a daily or project basis. Sometimes the scary monster is that project sponsor who is aggressive and pushy but essentially does very little to drive the project forward. Or those goblins in the form of the extended project team – they really mean no harm, but they can’t help but be a little malicious toward people or the project. And of course, there are the ghouls – those resisters who revel in revolting.

While these archetypes are not always present during a project or other change initiatives, we also need to keep a vigilant eye open for them. Like all things that go bump in the night, these characters can be summoned without warning. What can we do to be watchful, without being paranoid? How do we move forward when they do appear?

The Scary Monster

The scary monster can be anyone, but often the scariest is the one who is