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A Year in Review: Our Top 3 Blogs Of 2020

2020 was an interesting year to say the least, almost everyone and everything experienced change. While the year started off strong, the pandemic forced many of us into transitions we didn’t see coming. But despite the various challenges our communities have undergone this year, overcoming them has also made us stronger than ever before.

For Harbinger, we’re fortunate that our team is made up of some of the most adaptable and resourceful people. We made the successful transition to a fully remote workplace, all while accomplishing some great work in supporting organizations with their change and learning goals. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of our excellent Harbinger team, colleagues, friends, and partners.

To recap 2020 as it comes to a close, we’re taking a look back on the top 3 blogs we’ve written this year, ranked by readership and thought leadership.

Greg takes a deep dive into understanding the barriers to change. He provides a unique viewpoint on using pain and reflection to identify individual barriers, as well as insights on how to overcome them in a transformation journey. Greg talks about recognizing the different stages of change and the questions people need to ask to successfully accept and adopt change.

Adam shares his expertise as an instructional designer. He walks us through the important considerations of collecting information in order to design effective learning materials. From identifying the type of change people are experiencing to recognizing their learning preferences, he articulates the key role instructional designers play in helping clients reach their desired change results.

Krista focusses on the evolution of change management to change enablement. She discusses the contrast between managing and enabling change, in addition to the impact each process has on people and their transformation journeys. Krista highlights how today’s pace of change calls for more focus on individual change experiences, while also providing practical recommendations on how to begin adding change enablement to your toolkit.

As we step into 2021, we’ll continue to provide new thoughts and ideas on change enablement, learning, and communications. Thank you to all of our readers for your continued support.

Here’s to another exciting year ahead!

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