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Supporting organizations going through change

Menkes Developments

How a structured Change Management and Learning approach supported Menkes Developments Ltd.’s successful JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation.

“The need for support in managing the change that would ripple across the organization was evident to me from the beginning; that is not to say that I had a clear picture at the onset of the manifestations that the implementation and use of a new ERP system would bring. Having successfully meandered through the implementation, I am convinced that no one does and, that is because this understanding is not a one-time effort when the exercise begins.


The understanding of the existing landscape of systems, processes and organizational structure, as each of these relates to people was the first step and, for this, there was a need to have an external, objective, business savvy and emotionally intelligent party participate in the effort.

The primary role of this external party was to constantly query, absorb and synthesize the data so as to provide ideas and recommendations for strategies and tactics to steer the course with as little turbulence as possible.”

Anusha Felsher, Vice President Corporate Services

Who is Menkes Developments?

Founded in 1954, over the years Menkes Developments Ltd. has continued to raise the standard for outstanding quality design and superior value as a fully integrated, multi-disciplinary real estate company. Elegant family homes that exude character and charm; exclusive luxury condominiums with stunning amenities; and highly-coveted office, commercial and industrial spaces, all set in prime locations.


As part of their journey and commitment to deliver outstanding products and services, they endeavoured to modernize their operations through the implementation of Enterprise Software –
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Homebuilder Sales Solution.

What was the challenge?

The company executives knew it was time to modernize their operations and really make a difference to the way their employees do their jobs, both at head office and remote sites serving residential purchasers and commercial tenants.


They also knew that while an ERP solution would modernize and make them a more efficient company that can scale, grow, and attract top talent, that the changes they were embarking on would be difficult for their people.


They had the right implementation partner for the technology but knew they needed support for the people-side of change, including stakeholder management and engagement, and training and learning.


By engaging qualified Change Management and Learning professionals from the onset of their initiative they were able to assess, track, measure and address the concerns of their most important assets – their people.

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What did we do?

We worked directly with the Menkes VP of Corporate Services as well as other members of the Senior Leadership Team to assess the needs, plan the approach and execute the Change and Learning program.


Using a blended approach of a tried and true methodology, with one that was tailored to the clients’ needs, we delivered strategic communications, supported the stakeholders through their change journey, and enabled knowledge and ability through hands-on facilitated instructor-led, and self-paced training and learning.


We supported the Menkes team and provided knowledge that they could carry forward for the subsequent phases of their implementation. 


Since the original go-live, Menkes has subsequently had multiple successful implementations where they were able to apply their new change management skills and technology learning solutions.

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