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Fleet Complete

How Meaningful Communications and People Engagement Prepared Fleet Complete for a Multifaceted Business Transformation and Salesforce Implementation

“Harbinger provided Fleet Complete invaluable guidance and support, helping us start our Customer360 Initiative journey off on the right foot. Harbinger’s people-centric approach steered us in the right direction and enabled us to prioritize the most important part of our change, our people.”  

Leeann Russell, Global VP, Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) & CTIO 

Who is Fleet Complete?

Founded in 1998, Fleet Complete is a leading global provider of IoT solutions in the connected commercial vehicle space and mobile workforce management. Servicing a wide range of industries including trucking, construction, oil & gas, and delivery, Fleet Complete helps businesses improve their dispatching, fleet tracking, regulatory compliance, and in-field staff management. As a leader in their field, Fleet Complete ensures that their customers and partners are satisfied by constantly enhancing their IoT platform with the most current technology.

What was the challenge?

As an innovative company focused on continuous improvement, Fleet Complete recognized the need to further enhance their customer experience and streamline internal processes. To support their organization’s competitive advantage and deliver improvements to their overall customer experiences, Fleet Complete chose to integrate every part of the company that interacts with customers into one CRM platform. Thus, Fleet Complete embarked on their Salesforce, Experlogix, and Install Pro implementation, also referred to as the Customer360 Initiative. 

This integration was more than just a systems implementation. They knew that a technological change of this size would affect their people and that they would need help identifying the best way to engage their people, support them through training and learning, communicate the change, and manage resistance. This change required not only a technological shift, but a shift to the new ways of working.  

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What did we do?

Harbinger provided robust and methodical change and communications support throughout the Customer360 Initiative, reinforced by a blended learning approach. Our focus was to enable and empower Fleet Complete’s key stakeholders to lead the change within their own teams, departments, and regions. 

Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement

Harbinger began working with the Customer360 Initiative project team to identify the key stakeholders impacted by the change. These stakeholders then had the opportunity to share their feelings towards the upcoming change, their experience with past changes, and the overall support they’re looking for. These conversations built a baseline understanding of the overall pulse and change readiness of the organization. In addition, careful assessment of the level of impact, change support, and learning needs was also performed through surveys and other informal conversations to ensure that the right change support and training was delivered at the right time, in the right way, to the right people.  

Once the analysis was complete, a peer-based Change Champion Community was established to help foster change adoption. This Change Champion Community is a best practice that helped Fleet Complete enable and empower their own people to lead the change. Harbinger coached them through how to clearly articulate why the change is happening, how to answer common questions from their peers, and how to communicate what the change will mean for the company and their people. Change Champions were supported throughout the Customer360 Initiative through frequent touchpoints, virtual training sessions, and passive learning materials such as a Communications Playbook. This Playbook supported the delivery of consistent messaging across the organization and mitigated opportunities for miscommunication. Fleet Complete’s Change Champion Community spanned across each department and location, from Canada and the US, to Mexico, Europe, and Australia.  


Multi-way Communication

Tactical and multi-way communications was an important part of helping end-users of the Customer360 Initiative understand expectations, build awareness and desire, and support reinforcement.   

Harbinger used Fleet Complete’s existing communication channels (such as global townhalls, email, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams) to build a cadence of key messages that could reach the right people, at the right time, via the right medium. A tactical communications plan was developed to support the project team in crafting meaningful and engaging communications as the Salesforce implementation progressed. Harbinger created a variety of communications to help build the intended understanding of the change and keep the Customer360 Imitative top of mind for employees. Throughout the change, various communication mediums were leveraged such as written format, videos, GIFs, and images. 


Example of Communication

This visually engaging email communication drove awareness and excitement as Fleet Complete approached their Customer360 Initiative Go-live.  


Change Management Learning and Training  

Building Fleet Complete’s understanding for Change Management and Change Enablement was a crucial part of promoting awareness and buy-in for the Salesforce implementation. To enable their people to lead change through the Customer360 Initiative and beyond, Harbinger focussed on building incremental knowledge about what Change Management is and how to build a change resilient culture.


While our focus began with training and learning for the Change Champion Community, we also shared this knowledge with stakeholders across the organization. Once the Change Champions had a strong change management foundation, it was crucial to plant the seed with the rest of the organization. We supported incremental knowledge building by introducing the Change Champions to the rest of the organization, explaining the value and importance of the community using short and digestable training content (e.g., Introduction to Change Management video, What is a Change Champion video, Did You Know GIFs).  

In addition, Harbinger provided guidance and recommendations to support Fleet Complete in building their end-user training program based on the needs identified from the stakeholder analysis. We supported and coached Fleet Complete through the planning, deployment, and execution of end user training. 

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What was the outcome?

Through effective communications, a Change Enablement mindset, and the influence of a Change Champion Community, Fleet Complete developed a strong foundation for change resiliency, equipping them for a successful implementation of their Customer360 Initiative. 

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