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Building a Team Charter

As you prepare for a remote workplace, start to think about how your team will work together in this new space. One of the most effective ways to set your team up for success is to create a Team Charter, it helps set basic guidelines with your team's participation for working within your virtual community.

What is a Team Charter?

A Team Charter is a roadmap for your team that enables them to engage effectively, work collaboratively and ensure your flexible workspace is accessible from anywhere. The guidelines in a Team Charter should be developed and agreed upon with everyone in the virtual community, it conveys the general expectations and practices team members should follow.

To create your team charter, there are 3 key components to include:


1. Team Purpose or Mission
  • What major purpose does your virtual team fulfill?

  • How will your team agree to work together?

2. Rules of Engagement 
  • What ways of working best suit your team?

  • What can each team member do to stay engaged and connected?

  • Are these engagement methods effective?

3. Operating Guidelines
  • What are the team's communication preferences?

  • What online collaboration tools will everyone use?

  • Who should the team contact for support or questions regarding the virtual workspace?

  • Are there any other team protocols to discuss (i.e. virtual meeting and decision making guidelines)?

It's important to note that your Team Charter can be revised as you transition through this process. Moving to a virtual community comes with its challenges, if something isn't working, revise your guidelines to find the best fit for your team. 

Here's an example of Harbinger's Team Charter:

07. Team Charter Example.png
Building your Team Charter is a process, here's how to start:​

  • Have a team meeting with everyone involved 

  • Come up with your team commitment 

  • Agree on the terms of working with each other and the tools that will be used in the virtual community

  • Define roles and responsibilities within your team

  • Organize your guidelines into an easy to read and accessible document

  • Follow-up with bi-weekly meetings to get feedback and discuss areas of success or improvement

Click here to download your Team Charter template.
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