• Teresa Cimino

Why Vacations are Being Left Behind – and Why They Shouldn’t Be

As summer turns the corner and fall is steadily approaching, with the cooler weather comes the kick-off of many new projects and initiatives. The end of summer always brings with it an abundance of change. Here at Harbinger, we are wondering; were you able to take some vacation time for yourself this summer? Do you have plans for a vacation in the fall? 

While the switch to working from home may have reduced time spent commuting to work, it has also led to a significant increase in actual time spent working. This means that now, more than ever, employees need to take vacation time to recoup and refresh. But with Covid-19 either cancelling, postponing, or obstructing the ability to travel, perhaps people feel as though a vacation isn’t on the table for them. 

So, why do we feel that we need to have an experience in order to have some time off? 

When you think of the word vacation, there is no doubt you picture someone sitting on a beach with a drink in hand. But maybe this idea that a vacation must be an experience, or a destination is leading people to simply not take any vacation time at all or to save it until things are “normal” again, albeit we have no idea when that may be. 

A vacation means that you are taking time for yourself. While this can involve having sand in between your toes, it can also entail you visiting someone you love and really spending some time with them. It could be you finally getting around to fixing up that guest room that you can’t bear to look at as you walk by. If you’re taking the time for yourself, who says it is not a worthy vacation? 

The pandemic has undoubtedly put a wrench in many of our vacation plans. With travel restrictions, quarantine mandates, and general uncertainty, a destination vacation might h