• Rachelle Su

Why Powerful Change Leaders Use Storytelling

The Impact of Storytelling in Change Management

It’s likely you’ve experienced some change in the workplace during your career that’s left you wondering “why?”, consequently leading to other questions like “ how does this change apply to me?” or “what do I get out of this?”. There’s been plenty of times where organizations decide to make a change and end up leaving employees feeling left outside the loop. They also try to convince these same employees to be the driving force of the change, an even harder result to achieve.

Sometimes, the new change just isn’t compelling enough for those outside of decision making for it to fully reach its’ potential. So how do leaders overcome these challenges and get employees to trust and support their organization during the change process Storytelling, one of the most influential tools used by change leaders, communications professionals and other leaders to help employees visualize the forthcoming change and understand their role within it.

Storytelling can change an employees’ entire perspective on the change initiative by simply helping them visualize it, answer questions about its purpose and most importantly, find out what it means to them. Employees want to know what challenges they can expect and how to minimize turbulence, a well-developed change story can provide this understanding. People are more likely to get on board with the change and reduce thei