• Krista Schaber-Chan

When Learning Professionals Learn

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. “

– Brad Henry

In our job as learning (and change) professionals we are sought after to provide expertise on learning in general as well as supporting the changes in employee behaviours through learning. We are good at it. We have built our whole careers around it. Learning is what we do. But how does the learning (and change) professional continue their learning? We too need to continue to learn, to expand our minds and thoughts—so that we can provide our clients the best possible advice, knowledge, and work output possible.

I am an avid reader, podcast listener, Ted Talk watcher, and overall observer of people. I love to passively learn. But sometimes even learning professionals need to take time to go and be active participants in learning. In May of this year, myself and a couple other Harbingers attended the 75th annual ATD National conference in San Diego. This was my first national conference and I can say it was one-hundred percent worth my time.

The ATD National conference is all about training and learning, which of course includes change management, because you cannot learn without some kind of change happening, and all change leads to learning, whether we are aware of it or not.

I attended 13 sessions over the 4 days. My colleagues who also attended the conference also attended many sessions, all of us doing our best to attend different sessions so that we could learn as much as possible and share our newfound information with each other!

Some of the biggest takeaways for me was around micro-learning, telling compelling stories with data, and my favourite topic, the psychology of learning.