• Siriphone Maldonado

The secret to success is adaptability

I’m a huge fan of Amazon and you can often hear me saying ‘Amazon is taking over the world.’  This week they held their annual sale, Amazon Prime, which has quickly established itself as one of the most popular shopping events of the year.  Amazon impresses me for many reasons but I must say I’m really impressed by the fact that the company has really shaken up many industries and there doesn’t seem to be an area or line of business they don’t play in. 

I recently discovered Prime Read, a private library for Prime members that lets you read for free. I have now added this to the list of Amazon things I use in addition to Amazon Prime, Prime Video and Amazon Music. I’m aware of the impact that Amazon has on things I love like the library and small businesses, and yet I can’t stop myself from using what they offer.

I’m also fascinated by the company’s origins. What first started as an online marketplace for books has since expanded to include just about everything even space exploration! In today’s world the competition is fierce. Companies are no longer competing with others in their industries, instead disrupters are often new entrants or businesses that do other things like e-commerce, really well. Amazon is one of the biggest disrupters and there are countless factors that can be attributed to this, but their ability to be adaptable is one that I believe is propelling them to take over the world. Here’s why.

  1. They dream big and they move quickly. They have adapted time and time again to meet increasing customer demands and do not restrict themselves from entering new markets and launching new products. They have literally touched almost all industries and are significantly impacting how businesses operate today. A great example of this is Amazon Prime which started as an annual sale for Amazon Prime customers, but has turned into an event that competes with the likes of Black Friday and Boxing Day. It now also includes sales from many of its competitors like Walmart and Canadian Tire.