• Adam Rifai

The 3 Critical Components of Effective Remote Working

  1. Establish a remote workspace that works for you

  2. Enable active communication within your team and external parties

  3. Change Enablement

Humans have proven to be prominent adapters. We don’t only adapt amidst challenging times, but also throughout when things are smooth sailing. Often things that were new and exciting quickly become familiar and commonplace. This gives us hope to drive change from a system that has worked for so long and allowed employees to get comfortable in a working routine.

You know the routine I’m talking about. Waking up, listening to a new podcast on our commute, spending our break time with co-workers, and ultimately spending after office hours with our family at home or with our colleagues at happy hour. Mix-in the occasional workout we keep telling ourselves we're going to finally do, and I'm pretty sure I've summed up the daily routine for most people.

Believe me, I'm guilty of it too, but the first step to enable change is awareness.

We also have tendencies to focus on the negative when faced with change and inaccurately forecast how we and others will feel in the future.

We were recently hit with a pandemic, and to avoid releasing "just another COVID blog" to the world, I want to focus on the future. We've already learned that remote workspaces are something every business needs to at least consider. As we start to see industry leaders, like Microsoft, making