• Monem Ansari


You may have come across the words, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” but if not, you’ve read them now. Over the past year they have revisited often and served as a guidepost, a self-check of intention and ultimately, a trigger to reflect on the best way to produce results typically beyond reach as an individual. As my project tenure of more than three years nears end, it seems a tailor-made moment to share what the word Team has meant.

Ahead are a few takeaways from “the team formerly known as retail.” An eclectic, eccentric bunch, we shaped into all the gears and cogs needed to create our desired output. And we did it with co-autonomy, laughs, and a few cries too.

Your Way Will Do, And More

It’s great to perform, obviously, but it can often come with the conjoined pitfall of thinking there is only one way forward. Another one is confusing requests for information to be asks on how to do something. This applies to seasoned professionals and those beginning their careers too. Handholding doesn’t only risk being controlling, it prevents team members from being self-sufficient and owning areas of work. “Takes direction well” is passé, while “finds a way” is here to stay.