• Colin Carmona-Murphy

Rhetoric – A Useful Tool in Instructional Design

by Colin Carmona-Murphy

Writing persuasive instructional design documentation is important in ensuring effective and efficient adult learning. Rhetoric, being the expressive style of writing that helps persuade and engage readers is one of the most important considerations when writing for adult learning. Today, it is often seen as a tool for politicians to spread their message without addressing real problems, as they use figures of speech to avoid providing meaningful content. However, rhetoric is fundamental to instructional design documentation as it helps readers engage at a greater level, as well as helping to increase comprehension and understanding.

Rhetoric has four significant benefits pertaining to instructional design:

  1. Persuading users to change their current behaviours and tasks

  2. Informing learners of change, as it provides clarity and structure to what they are reading

  3. Expressing the need for change, and how the learner will benefit from the change