• Colin Carmona-Murphy

My Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always been a bit of a daunting topic for me; thinking that there could one day be robots walking alongside us without us even realizing it made me a little paranoid. My thoughts would immediately go to movies like iRobot and the Terminator where humanity would be overrun by self-aware robots. However, the more I began to investigate what AI is and the uses it’s currently being developed for, I began to take a more pragmatic view of the technology. Most interestingly, there’s a myriad of uses for AI in learning and development, making training more effective for trainees, and facilitating the development of material for trainers.

AI uses for Learning and Development

Perhaps the biggest impact of implementing AI in learning and development is the ability to create individual learning plans based on data collected and created by trainees. With the ability to analyze data, AI can effectively recommend courses based on a multitude of factors related to educational backgrounds, organizational standing, and employee behaviour. Being able to tailor educational experiences for an individual can make learning more effective, as trainees receive only what is pertinent to them, and not standardized training for the masses. AI can also help trainees further their learning journey’s by consistently recommending, prompting, and reporting on training; a massive task in larger organizations.

On the organizational side, AI can significantly improve learning and development operations by streamlining the creation, analysis, and reporting of training activities. With AI, instruction