• Colin Carmona-Murphy

Managing Change in a Time of Disruption – Virtual Onboarding

The workplace is evolving quickly and juggling the increasing demand for labour while navigating barriers to traditional onboarding and training delivery methods can create unique challenges for organizations of every size. With many companies shifting towards a virtual workplace, there are plenty of considerations to be made around how these organizations will recruit and train their new hires, develop their people and pivot in favour of this new change. Recently, one of our clients, Direct Energy, was transitioning to a virtual-only model where training delivery, train the trainer sessions and other learning opportunities needed to be delivered virtually, an area where the company had limited experience in.

Organizational changes like these have a lot of moving parts to consider alongside a series of potential roadblocks to overcome. The Harbinger Training and Communications team which included me, Tomas Nilsson, Sr. Training Consultant, and Nicole La Roche, Sr. Communications Consultant, were able to support the design and other elements of this transition with Direct Energy. Together we were able to achieve a smooth transition for the company despite the short timeline. In this blog, I’ll be sharing the steps we took to help enable the process to virtual onboarding, lessons learned, and how we overcame the various roadblocks along the way.