• Greg Roth

Is capability the missing piece to success?

There are numerous articles that speak about the importance of leadership development, especially during times of change. While leadership is not the sole contributor to successful change, it is a very important component for many reasons. I recently read an article by Jessica Bronzert in Forbes, who discusses the importance of leadership development and the need to look at this beyond competency (what) to capability (how).

Becoming a leader

The path to becoming a leader typically goes like this – an individual is promoted to a leadership position because of tenure, skills or due to a simple need to fill a role. Once a leader, the next step involves the company investing in leadership development. As Bronzert mentions in her article, this includes things like how to have difficult conversations, time management and delegation. All of these are incredibly important, however I would agree with Bronzert that the missing piece is definitely the focus on developing leadership capabilities in addition to competences.

From competency to capability

Change is happening at a rapid pace and businesses need to keep up to remain relevant. Leaders play a critical role in ensuring a company is successful for the long-term, and yet the training required for them to do this well is not evolving fast enough to keep pace with the influx of changes coming at them.

That’s why organizations need to expand their leadership development to include capability.

Capability is the power or ability to do something.