• Krista Schaber-Chan

Harbinger Travel Diaries—Travelling with Pets

Harbinger Travel Diaries is a blog series documenting various worldly experiences from our team of consultants. This week Siri Maldonado, director marketing & communications, sits down with Krista Schaber-Chan, partner, and Gregory Roth, partner, to discuss some of their greatest memories from travelling with their pets.

SM: Let’s start by telling me more about your beloved pets.

KSC: I currently have two cats named Genghis Khat (also known as BKhat or Putput) and Midnight Louie (also known as Lcat). They are both mixed breeds, part Russian Blue or Nebulung, and have been a part of my family for a few years now. Their daily routines include getting some relaxing bird and squirrel watching time in the backyard and lounging in Amazon delivery boxes. They are also great sous chef’s and enjoy a good wine with dinner.

A piece of my heart however, will also always be with Mr. Frodo, our Golden Doodle who was my best friend and travel partner for almost 15 years.

GR: We have always been a family who loves cats and currently have a Maine Coon named Hudson. Hudson is a gorgeous animal and also happens to be Harbinger’s CFO (Chief Feline Officer). While he doesn’t currently travel with me, I started out my consulting career by travelling with Haimish, Bailey and Grendel, our three cats who unfortunately are no longer with us.

SM: Travelling with pets doesn’t seem like an easy feat. What prompted you to do this?