• Krista Schaber-Chan

Harbinger MythBusters – People don’t like change

Change is happening all the time and while one would think we’d be used to it by now, there’s still a strong perception that most people don’t like change. Why is that? Krista Schaber-Chan, Partner, drills into this week’s MythBuster to understand what is truly behind this misconception.

I think about change all the time and one of the things that has intrigued me the most is when someone states “people don’t like change”. It has been my experience that there are in fact many instances where they do!

Smart devices are a prime example of this. Many individuals are constantly upgrading their smart phones and look forward to having new functionalities with system updates or newer models. The Apple ‘special events’ garner a lot of attention from media and buyers alike. These special events provide previews for new or upgraded products and the excitement they build results in significant sales on launch day.

What is interesting about this is the fact that there are literally millions of people looking forward to change with a new Apple product. What’s more interesting is how there are minimal instructions on how to use these new gadgets, yet people want to play around and experiment with them. For the most part, I believe that many Apple users figure it out on their own.