• Siriphone Maldonado

Harbinger Foresight: The Future of Work

May was conference month for the Harbinger team and I had the pleasure of attending The Change Leadership Conference, ‘Leading the Change in the 4th Industrial Revolution.’ It was incredibly interesting to hear about how quickly the pace of technology is evolving, and what that will mean for businesses and the future of work. All these topics had my head spinning thinking about not only how my role will change, but more so about the world my son will grow up in and type of work he will do when he’s older.

I now have more than ten years of experience in communications, and the field has changed so much in that amount of time. Communications in my earlier days was predominantly focused on us crafting the content, and driving the communications activities. While this hasn’t gone away, we have now also become partners to the business and leaders, providing communications guidance and counsel. I’ve also noticed a shift in how the communications function is viewed within the business – we’ve gone from having to fight our way to the table, to being invited and asked to contribute. In fact, you will rarely see a business transformation take place without a lead communications partner or team to support them through this.

External communications including public relations (PR) continues to be a key component of developing brand awareness, and we are now seeing greater value in leveraging PR for this purpose. Communications professionals will always be strong spokespeople, but using the business subject matter experts (at all levels of the organization) is something that resonates well with the public and is definitely here to stay. We are also seeing the lines blur even further between marketing and communications, especially within the social media space.