• Krista Schaber-Chan

Going the extra mile can be the difference between Success and Failure

February is known as the shortest month of the year and is also a time when many reflect about what is happening within their lives. Maybe this has something to do with the long, cold days, or maybe it’s just how humans operate. All of this got me thinking about my personal experiences of helping others break through the noise and remain focused on leading their people through change.

As a Change Management Professional and a Life/Business coach, I am often asked for advice or coaching on a variety of topics ranging from how to lead a team through a difficult change that may have no obvious immediate benefits to the people who are impacted, to how do I get my spouse, boyfriend or kids to listen to me (and there is a huge spectrum in between!). One of the things I love most about my job as a Change Manager is building relationships with my stakeholders and becoming the “trusted advisor” which luckily often grows into genuine long-lasting friendships.

As a Change Manager in business or ERP projects, the lines are usually clear – I am engaged to support the organization and its leaders, so they can lead their change. Sometimes, however, stakeholders will migrate the need for help into more personal are