• Siriphone Maldonado

Does Change Ever Really End?

Siri Maldonado, Director, People Engagement, discusses if change ever ends, how long organizations should expect a change initiative to last, and what additional pieces are required to achieve sustained change and drive lasting benefits.

The pandemic has pushed change into the forefront and we are constantly hearing phrases and words such as, “new normal”, or “unprecedented” and “uncertain times”. But what is the new normal, and how does the new normal go hand-in-hand with unprecedented times?

At Harbinger, we have always known a little secret… change is constant and is a part of our lives every day. Every one of us experiences change daily, from Apple software updates to the introduction of a new routine, or cancellation of an appointment, change is always around.

While we know that change is constant, the magnitude and pace of change that we are seeing today are unmatched. Overnight, organizations were forced to pivot in a short period and with no clear timelines in sight.

With these recent experiences, what have organizations learned and what have organizations done to successfully make it through the pandemic?