• Siriphone Maldonado

Conflict - can it help drive change?

When you first hear the word conflict what comes to mind?  I naturally think back to my upbringing where I was discouraged from any form of conflict.  I was instructed to always do what I was told.   I must admit, this mindset has stayed with me and it took many years and coaching from colleagues and leaders for me to change.

So when I heard Dr. Liane Davey speak about conflict at The Art of Leadership conference earlier this month, it got me thinking about conflict and how it can drive change within the workplace.  What I’ve learned throughout my career is that avoiding conflict solves nothing.  Instead, it inhibits innovation, collaboration and progress.  It provides a greater risk of having group think, avoids the real issues and makes even the smallest decisions hard.  Culturally, it can foster an environment with minimal diversity, where everyone is a carbon copy of one another.  This is not what you want and in fact research has told us that companies with: