• Siriphone Maldonado

Boosting employee engagement during change with social media

Last week Greg discussed the addiction adults have with their mobile phones in his blog about video training and one of the main drivers contributing to this is social media. The statistics speak for themselves. According to the Canadian Internet Registration Company, 74 per cent of Canadians spend an average of three to four hours online per day with social media being the top activity. Facebook continues to lead the charge with a staggering 80% of Canadians on the platform. LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest round out the top five. With these numbers in mind, it’s of no surprise to find many companies leveraging these habits and social media for change management communications.

Change management communications is one of the most critical components of the change management process. Communications is essential in all phases of the change management process including awareness, engagement and reinforcement. To be effective, it’s been important for me to stay attuned with communications trends and to ensure that I am taking advantage of how people absorb their news and information – much of which is done through social media and mobile phones today.

While many companies are not using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for their communications needs, they are using many of the techniques and tools that have made these platforms so strong. A prime example is Yammer or Workplace, Facebook like platforms