• Monem Ansari

A Day in the Life of a “Junior” Learning and Change Management Consultant

It’s fair to say everyone gets asked the question, “What do you do?” regularly. The answer can transform and grow, as we do. Close to a year ago I shared a snapshot of life as a “sophomore” consultant. Here’s the updated playbook – still exhilarating, hyper-intense, and critically, evermore rewarding.

5:30am – Mind the Gaps

A moment to blink, a glass of water, and you’re propped up at the hotel room desk. Here could be the time to get ahead of the day or week, and to catchup on residuals. More importantly though, it’s a chance to reflect on potential misses. If one blind spot can be illuminated, the day starts with a win.

Note: this isn’t quiet time – your tracks of the week are blaring. Full tilt. Sorry neighbours.