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Wednesday, December 16 2020 | Zoom Webinar

Change Enablement: A Practical Approach to Supporting Change

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Learn about how Harbinger’s Change Enablement approach helps organizations be more adaptable and resilient to change.

Session Speaker: 
Krista Schaber-Chan, 
Managing Partner, Harbinger SCR

Time & Location

Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

This webinar was hosted via an online Zoom session.


Watch the webinar recording here. 

About the Event

Join Krista Schaber-Chan as she shares some key insights on how to help your people deal with and succeed through change. She’ll discuss the need to shift from the classic “Organizational Change Management” top down approach to a people-driven Change Enablement approach. This starts with ensuring your people have the right skills and perspectives to assess change coming at them, and respond with leadership, rather than resistance and avoidance.


The reality of businesses today, especially with remote working measures in place, demands that leaders empower their people as Change Enablers throughout the organization. We believe this is critical to businesses surviving and thriving as new opportunities present themselves in the ever-changing business landscape.


Your people are a potentially huge untapped resource in making change happen in your business, without needing you to control exactly how they get there. The question is, how do you create the conditions for them and give them the skills to be empowered, autonomous, and successful?


Krista is a Co-founder and Managing Partner at Harbinger, helping organizations and their people through change including organizational, process, and technical transformations.

Resources shared from the session:

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