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8 Game-Changing Plays by Successful ERP Leaders

​​This guide includes some of our best insights based on our work with successful executives who’ve driven real results for their business by Leading Change in ERP implementations.


Download this guide if any of these apply to you:

  • You are an executive in an organization with an ERP deployment

  • You are seeing poor acceptance, adoption, and participation in your ERP program, leading to a poor quality product of deployment

  • You want to shape your organization (and people) of the future leveraging your ERP deployment, aligned to YOUR goals

  • You seek the best return on investment and your time put into your ERP deployment

​Need help with your ERP Implementation? 

Harbinger has deep experience in helping Lead the Change while considering the scarcity of leadership time and availability.

Get in touch to book a no-obligation 10-minute call with one of our Partners or send us an email at

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