Meet the Harbingers: Victoria Kharchenko

Victoria Kharchenko is a Change Enablement & Learning Specialist at Harbinger SCR. Victoria will be focusing most of her time on supporting Harbinger’s various client engagements as a Change Practitioner and applying her diverse experience to assist the team with internal projects and activities.

Can you tell us more about your role at Harbinger?

As a Change Enablement & Learning Specialist, most of my time will be dedicated to supporting our clients through the changes they’re experiencing at their organization. For example, the first project I’m supporting is with Brampton Brick, one of Harbinger’s clients that is going through an important and complex business transformation. I will be responsible for helping key stakeholders stay engaged, informed, and enabled to adopt and sustain the new ways of working. I’m very excited to employ my experience, professional background, and knowledge in providing high touch change support. I’m motivated to help our clients build a change resilient environment and culture to support their ongoing and future growth.

In addition, I will be cooperating with my Harbinger colleagues for the development of Change Enablement Academy, utilizing my previous experience as a training manager/producer at Prosci.

I see that you have experience across many different fields such as Project Management, Marketing/PR, and Training among others. How does this help you as a Change Practitioner?

I think that change never happens in an isolated environment, both in personal life and in organizations. Change, big or small, will inevitably affect other aspects of life or business. I believe that any change has a so-called “domino effect”. However, we must keep in mind that change does not lie on the surface and does not happen as quickly or obviously as what is usually expected from a “domino effect”. Although unmanaged change might cause undesired outcomes, my business background will allow me to pinpoint and even foresee how the change impacts different areas of business. Consequently, this will help me identify the impacted groups of stakeholders, act proactively in informing and engaging the impacted groups, and enable them to manage the change towards desired outcomes.

My hands-on experience in Project Management will be instrumental in integrating the project plan and activities. My marketing background will be helpful in building awareness, communicating the benefits of the future state, and reinforcing the value of the new ways of working.

In addition, throughout my career, I’ve always approached any project with my PR lens. I believe that establishing and nurturing relationships and cooperation across organizations, as well as with external audiences, is a success multiplier. And last but not least, my training skills enable me to combine a structured Change Management framework with flexibility, adaptability, and resilience, which are essential for successful change execution.

What excites you the most about working in the field of Change Management?

Metaphorically, I see the role of Change Practitioner as the captain’s first mate, who is doing the heavy lifting of enabling the captain to steer the ship for successful arrival to land (the prosperous future state). This journey excites me and I’m very much motivated to play the important role of providing support, sustaining and strengthening morale, building engagement, and minimizing crew “casualties” during this often challenging journey.

What is a professional success you’re proud of?

I could come up with a solid list of my business achievements in connection with my different roles or different projects pertaining to a specific period of time in my working experience. But, I’m most proud of the strong record of successful partnerships that I’ve established throughout my career. The trustworthy, mutually respectful, and reliable relationships I’ve fostered with partners have grown beyond specific projects or even jobs.

Do you have a motto you live by? Why?

As we are going through life, our interests change, our goals change, and people surrounding us change. We are constantly in the process of changing too, and as a result, the mottos that we live by in each period of our lives naturally change too. As our personalities also have many identities, I think it’s impossible to have just one motto, even at a specific point in time.

Recently, I came across a quote by Estelle Parsons. Estelle is not only an American actress and singer, but she is also a stage director. Prosci CM methodology describes the role of Change Manager as the role of stage director; maybe that’s why this quote speaks so much to me in relation to Change Management: “I know people like spectacle, but I’m interested in moving people”. I think this is a good professional motto for my new role at Harbinger.

What do you hope to accomplish or improve in your time here at Harbinger?

Although I was actively involved in managing various change projects and change initiatives along my career path, I was doing it intuitively by relying on my managerial skills, my knowledge of marketing and communication principles, my project management experience, and my overall business management acumen. Working at Prosci, I have built the strong foundation of Change Management knowledge as an enabling framework for managing the people side of change, and developed a good understanding of Change Management principles and success factors. I’m now looking forward to applying this knowledge and skill in a real business environment. My professional goal today is to develop my Change Management expertise as my core professional competency. While I feel confident in my abilities and will do my best to deliver the best results, being realistic, I know that there will be moments when I will need to lean upon Harbinger’s collective expertise in Change Management and other related areas for advice, help, and support.

What do you like to do in your free time?

  • I like exploring and trying new things. I took windsurfing and dance classes, tried boxing and pottery, practiced TRX for a while, wrote essays, learnt downhill skiing when I turned 50, and much more. Just recently, I joined the Toastmasters club.

  • I’m a learner. I love the process of learning so much so that sometimes, outcomes might not be that significant to me. Therefore, I challenge myself to look for the opportunities to apply and share new knowledge.

  • I enjoy being very involved in team activities of any kind: sports, socials, and just for fun, hosting parties and playing board games.



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