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Implementing a New System in the Workplace: The Importance of End User Training

New systems implementation is always a challenge. Employees may not see the value of uprooting established systems and processes. They may be frustrated that they can't get their work done as quickly as they could before. They may even feel as though the new system is worse than the system that existed beforehand. How can you counter this? With end user training.

The system is only as good as its users, and for a new system to be effective, it's important for the employees to understand the full capabilities of the new system. For example, when you hire ERP training consultants, not only will they showcase the system’s core functions, but they can also show the different tools that the software possess to help streamline their particular tasks. Through end user training, you can help change the tone of your employees towards the new system and speed up end user adoption. 

With end user training, you can help turn the tone of frustration to one of hope within your employees. With the right training, your employees will be able to see how the new system can help save time and truly benefit them. Rather than there being a workplace gripe at the water cooler, when employees a

re able to see the merits of the new system, there will be many discussions about the benefits of it. 

When they believe in the system, they adopt it more quickly. With end user training, you are obviously reducing the time it takes to learn the system, but you are also helping to cut down on the frustration of switching to a new system. Many products fail because of failed implementation. By having the right training, not only will your employees see how the system will benefit them, but it will also help boost morale towards end user adoption and lead to speedy, and successful, implementation. 

Are you looking for ERP training consultants or are in need of end user training? If so, contact Harbinger SCR Inc. From Salesforce training to Oracle user adoption, we supplement the talent required to achieve project success with high quality and creative adult learning solutions. We work with you to develop the best approach for your learner aptitudes, budgets, and timelines. Whether you are implementing Microsoft Dynamics in the workplace and or would like help with Oracle user adoption, Harbinger SCR Inc can make the transition to a new system a rewarding experience for your employees. Harbinger SCR Inc is an expert in virtual workplace solutions, change management, end user adoption and more. Contact us today to learn the many systems our ERP training consultants can help you in.

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