E-Learning Projects

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What are the benefits of E-Learning?

In today’s fast-paced and technologically advanced environment, people are looking for easier and more accessible ways to learn. Portability and simplicity of content have increasingly important impacts on learning engagement and retention. It’s no question that most people would choose to watch a short minute and a half tutorial rather than reading through step by step instructions in a user guide when trying something new.


Using videos, online courses and other virtual materials in training programs help bring concepts to life. The combination of audio and visual elements creates more memorable, pleasing and most importantly, accessible content.  

E-Learning is a reliable and consistent method of delivering accurate information over an extended period of time. Content can be repurposed and used time and time again, a cost-effective alternative to deploying multiple in-person training sessions.

Virtual materials go beyond geographical barriers, content can be delivered to users spread across multiple locations and time zones, while also being easily adjustable for multiple languages. 

Videos and online courses may be used as a stand-alone method or as components of a blended learning approach. E-Learning is a powerful practice for engaging learners and helping them retain content in the long-term.

E-Learning Courses

E-Learning courses are simulations that walk users step by step through processes they will eventually use as part of their everyday role. This enables users to be familiarized with their new systems while providing a safe environment for learning and practice. 

Simulations are a creative way to present tedious information while reinforcing learner’s abilities to retain information and perform tasks. This type of course demonstrates a high level of interactivity and engagement by requiring users to participate in order to proceed. E-courses are flexible, users can learn at their own pace while covering all the key information required. 

Direct Energy

This simulation walks external partners of Direct Energy through the new portal they will use to complete sales and servicing. 

This simulation walks the user through the steps of creating a claim and prompts them to participate in moving through the steps.

E-Learning Videos 

Video is a versatile medium, finding the best video style to help you deliver your training is important. They can be used for introducing new concepts, demonstrating software, onboarding, tutorials and much more. 

Videos are an effective tool for breaking down complex information into more simple and digestible information. Graphics and visual aids support a learner's ability to retain information while providing the flexibility for users to review or re-visit information outside the classroom.

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are tutorials that help learners visualize their processes and training while following an audio narrative. Instructional videos are short and simple, they guide users from the start to finish of a task with minimal complexity.

Direct Energy

This walks users through the Customer Claim Review process in their Microsoft Dynamics AX system as narrated by the Instructional Designer.

This walks users through the steps on How to Process a Trade, Call, Fee (TCF)  Prepay Case and includes helpful tips provided by the Instructional Designer.

Explainer Videos

This style of E-Learning video is best for introducing new concepts, ideas or processes. They simplify information using motion graphics or iconography organized in a pleasing manner. Explainer videos provide context to the learner and transforms important information into engaging and compelling media.  

Introduction to Unify

This animation was to show the goal of Project Unify at Direct Energy. It demonstrates an analogy that the client can relate to so that users can fully understand why the organization is making changes.

Change Management 101

This video was developed to provide various clients with an overview of Change Management using imagery and visuals to keep viewers engaged. 

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