Dynamics User Adoption

Why Are So Many Dynamics Users Seeking Help From Dynamics Training Consultants?

Many people are implementing Microsoft Dynamics into their business because of the many benefits it offers. Before we delve into the benefits let us explain what Dynamics is. If you don’t know what it is yet, Dynamics is the Microsoft family of business applications. Dynamics has a multitude of apps that address your ERP, CRM needs, and so much more, to turn your business process into a business advantage by providing maximum flexibility and extensibility. Dynamics offers solutions that focus on your manufacturing, accounting, distribution and more. Because of its flexibility, Dynamics can fit to almost any business. Many businesses are turning to Dynamics, but because it can be, sometimes, hard to understand, many companies hire Dynamics training consultants for Dynamics end user training. 

So why do so many businesses choose to work with Dynamics? First of all, it has many powerful tools and apps that can change the way you do business in a significant way. Once, you get used to Dynamics user adoption, it becomes really easy to use and puts you in the driver’s seat. You have seamless integration with other Microsoft tools and ongoing support from an experienced Microsoft partner. Plus, it is affordable. 

For sales, you have a sales module that manages sales workflow, from lead qualification to customer accounts. Marketing can use it to manage leads, as well as use it for campaign planning and execution. It can be used by Customer Service to help streamline the case management process. Field service techs can use Dynamics for management functionality through scheduling. Even project based businesses can use it for efficient project planning, analytics, and for performance insight. Dynamics is a powerful tool capable of managing any business process. From sales, HR to accounting - you have a collective of apps that you can use individually or as a whole to fit your unique business needs. You can pick which apps are suitable for your business, but also add more in the future if you choose. Integrating the new app is as simple as updating your Microsoft license. Plus, upgrades are Microsoft’s responsibility, so you don’t have to worry about managing integrations with a third-party. 

Dynamics can definitely improve a company’s efficiency and productivity. The only problem is that the product is only as good as the end user. Which means, to truly realize the full power of Dynamics, you need to make use of all the tools that it has to offer. Imagine having the fastest car in the world but not knowing how to get out of first gear. What’s the use of having this fast car if you don’t know how to drive? That is why, many businesses who integrate with Dynamics hire Dynamics training consultants. When it comes to Dynamics user adoption, Dynamics end user training can be very beneficial. 

If you are in need of Dynamics end user training, give us a call, here at Harbinger SCR Inc

. Here at Harbinger SCR Inc, we have Dynamics change management consultants that offer quality Dynamics end user training. Harbinger offers decades of experience and a fit-for-purpose change management methodology for systems implementation that considers the process and people aspects of the change. If you are in need of Dynamics change management consultants, give us a call. We can ensure user adoption of the new system, train your people and make sure learning is effective, and effectively communicate what this means for your people including how this will impact their day to day roles.

If you are ready to realize the full capability of Dynamics, make sure to give us a call. 

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