Communication Tips for Leaders

Strategic communications has a very important role in change management. When done well, employees understand the reason, benefits and impacts the change has to their role. Keeping your team informed is just the first part of the change journey, communications can also keep employees engaged throughout the process and help them feel empowered and committed towards the goal. 

In any change process, the people who are affected by the change initiative need to be involved and motivated to participate. In the absence of effective communication, the change effort may fail to meet its objectives.


If a communication plan is designed effectively and clearly, it helps build sufficient awareness and support for the entire project. Building a communications plan is an integral part of answering the what, why, when and how questions about the change from your team's perspective. To help you start planning your communications activities, visit our Harbinger Toolkit for resources on how to build your communications plan and the key factors to include.  

Leaders have a major role to play in communicating new changes to your team and ensuring a smooth transition process. During your organization's transition to working from home and a flexible work environment, here are some important ways to keep your team engaged, informed and connected.

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Why Powerful Change Leaders Use Storytelling

Sometimes, the new change just isn’t compelling enough for those outside of decision making for it to fully reach its’ potential.


So how do leaders overcome these challenges and get employees to trust and support their organization during the change process? Storytelling, one of the most influential tools used by change leaders, communications professionals and other leaders to help employees visualize the forthcoming change and understand their role within it.  

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