Blended Workplace Resources

Preparing your business to manage change in the new world of work. 

As Harbingers, we’re passionate about giving back to our community and are doing what we can to support businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic.  We know that the pace of the changes taking place can be daunting.  


That’s why we launched a resource hub for small to medium businesses.  It contains various resources for leaders and employees to help you manage the changes your business is experiencing as a result of the pandemic.

Frequently asked questions about managing your business through  COVID-19.

As the coronavirus crisis quickly evolves, there are many factors to consider when implementing new policies in response to the crisis and leading your people through these uncertainties. 

It's natural for people to experience various challenges when adapting to a remote work environment and to help make this transition smoother, we have put together some helpful insights on FAQs about what leaders and employees can do during this time. ​